Functional Body Building

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CrossFit Roux 2 – Functional Body Building


3 Rounds:

10 Cal Row

20 Air Squats

15 Abmat Sit ups

Rest :30 betwen Rounds

* Do each warm up round hard and intense


Front Squat (4-3-2-3-4 w/ Pause at the bottom of each.)

increase load with decrease in reps, then decrease load with increase in reps

Kettlebell Mixed Rack Walking Lunge (4 x 16 Steps)

One Hand in a suitecase carry with a heavy KB, the other hand Overhead with a lighter Kettlebell
Switch Racks after 8 reps


Banded Plank (4 x 60 seconds w/ 60 second rest between)


Metcon (No Measure)

3 Sets:

10 Cal on Bike

20 Deadlifts 135/95lbs

10-15 Ring Push-ups

50 Double Unders

rest walk 2:00 Between Sets