Super Bowl LII Fitness Challenge

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Hey New Orleanians, I bet you can probably remember where you were for all the best Saints plays in your lifetime.  Steve Gleason’s blocked the punt against our arch-nemesis, the Falcons. Garrett Hartley’s 40 yard field goal to clinch the Saints their first Super Bowl appearance. And I know you remember exactly where you were for Tracy Porter’s pick 6 in Super Bowl 44.

Unfortunately, I bet you also know where you were on Sunday, January 14, 2018. But we won’t get into that. The wounds are too fresh.

Because of that, I bet you feel pretty indifferent about the Super Bowl this year. Hell, the thought may even bring a tear to your eye. Fear not, fit friends! We’ve got something to make this years game worth watching.

We figured healthy recipes were a bit overplayed and even a drinking game might not be the best idea if you have work on Monday, so we have a different game for you CrossFit enthusiasts to play.

Here is your challenge, should you choose to accept it:

Much like a scavenger hunt, we have a list of things for you to look out for. And when you find them? You get to reward your body with the corresponding exercise.

  • Chug a FitAid at the start of each half.
  • Gene Steratore calls an offensive penalty- 10 push ups
  • Tom Brady curses – 5 burpees
  • Budweiser commercial – Bottom of the squat old for the entire commercial
  • Camera stays on Bill Belichick for 5 or more seconds without him speaking – 5 bites of the healthiest dish at the party
  • Pass play for over 20 yards – 20 air squats
  • Run play of over 20 yards – 20 sit ups
  • Turnover – 10 Russian Twists
  • Pick 6 – 16 jumping lunges
  • Trick Play – 1 air squat with your beer on your head
  • Every guest celebrity in the halftime show – 10 mountain climbers per celebrity
  • Reference to the last time JT played a halftime show *wink* –  Tag Roux in a photo of you winking #rouxbowl2018
  • Pepsi commercial – low plank hold for the entire commercial

Let us see you sweat! We would love to see your photos and videos from the Super Bowl LII Challenge so make sure to head to social media and tag @crossfitroux and #rouxbowl2018.